Top Interior Design Styles of 2020

New decade, new trends.

Mid Century Modern

One of the styles we see making a strong comeback is Mid Century Modern. This is a style that was an aftermath of World War II and resembles scenes out of the popular tv show, Mad Men. It’s design style embraces streamline and sleek furniture, open spaces, multi-functionality, nesting tables, nature, pops of bright colors and diverse materials. 

This style has grown ever more popular with the millennial generation and often reflects true to the homeowners personality. You will often find these individuals driving classic 1950s-1960s vehicles. This style was often used by the working middle class and can be an affordable style to accomplish! There are so many great antique stores or resale shops that specialize in Mid Mod design. Making it a great option for today’s middle class as well! 


Industrial interior design was inspired by the look and feel of old factories from the late 19th and 20th centuries. You will often find elements of brick, concrete, iron and steel and are defined by the architectural elements within a space. 

These architectural items could consist of exposed columns, rafting, ductwork and piping. It is a raw and unfinished design style that represents a casual and laid back atmosphere. Other characteristics you will find in industrial design is a neutral monochromatic scheme that is warm and full of natural unfinished wood, metal and lighting. There is also an emphasis on open space, minimal walls and lack of clutter. 

Industrial design embraces the lack of need for finished materials such as drywall, carpet, and textiles. Yet it still accommodates a warm and inviting environment.


The contemporary interior design style is one that is constantly evolving, but there are common characteristics that do carry through from decade to decade. This is one of the most popular design styles and can easily be blended with other styles such as mid century and industrial.The definition of contemporary is liking or occurring at the same time or belonging to or occurring in the present. So in simple, it reflects the present moment.

Contemporary interiors embrace cool and muted colors with lots of whites, creams, taupes and even mauve with accent colors from rugs, artwork, florals and other accessories. Textures such as metal and polished wood accompanied by plush cushions, velvet throws and silky drapes. This style delivers a high end look that is perfect for dinner parties and wine tastings.


Eclectic design can often be viewed as mismatched, but true eclectic decor actually has a sense of cohesiveness. This design style is not afraid to break the rules, you will find tons of variation and layering, finding harmony through color, balance and materials.

This design style mixes artifacts found around the world and style found through different eras, but with a sense of commonality. 

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is an innovative way of designing that was introduced by E.O. Wilson in 1984, a biologist and professor at Harvard. Biophilic design seeks to connect our need to be in nature with the built environment. This is a design style that is gaining momentum due to our current way of living which separates us from nature. Over time we have seen a significant increase in cancer, stress, anxiety and depression, increasing the need to make change in the way we live in our built environments.

In 2011, a study from the Journal of Happiness Studies found that psychological health is linked to nature relatedness (NR). According to the study, “changes in NR mediate the relationship between environmental education and changes in vitality.” This study built upon another study that established the connection between biophilia and mental health. More on NR

While there is so much to be said about this rising design style, we will conclude with the main concepts. Biophilic design translates to “love of life”, it is the concept of bringing the outdoors in to provide a positive impact to our overall health and wellbeing. 

This is an area which we at Element Design + Build focus on and understand. We truly believe that for those wishing to increase their overall mood, happiness and wellbeing, this is the design style for them. It can also be blended between the other design styles mentioned above very easily. Creating a truly harmonious balance of space that not only reflects you, but also allows you to thrive in your home.



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