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Element Design + Build provides full service interior design services, from design to remodeling to new construction. We work with you to design a home you love.

 Helping you create an home you can THRIVE in.

Imagine a place that makes you feel peaceful and calm, an oasis from the chaos outside. Your interior space should reflect your unique personality and support your well-being and lifestyle. 

Element Design + Build is a full service interior design firm that can take your project from concept to completion. Our services include conceptual interior design, material selections, detailed cabinet plans, material specifications, project management and construction. A passion for health and wellness combined with design, we provide an experience that is unique and solutions that are creative and personalized for each and every client. 


Your vision, our expertise, one of a kind results. Let’s Begin!

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Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Living In Place / Aging In Place Design

Check out the “Wellness By Design” podcast.

Hosted by Meagan Peterson

The Wellness by Design podcast will teach you all you need to know about designing a home and life that allows your to THRIVE!


Who we partner with effects you.

It matters who your builder partners with and the materials they use to renovate or build your home. We are transparent with our clients when it comes to the vendors we partner with and the types of materials they source for their projects and partner with trustworthy brands accros the U.S.

Alisha Gregg

“Meagan is a top professional, delivering quality design and remodeling, she pays attention to even the last of details. Highly recommend!”

The Mesa’s

“Adam and Meagan are truly passionate about helping people achieve the home of their dreams. They take time to know their customers, are trustworthy and honest, and take time to deliver an exceptional end result!”

MegAnne Brown

“Element Design + Build helped me select beautiful and durable finishes for my retail store remodel. Meagan brought subtle creative solutions that met my budget. I now have a beautiful, bright and airy space.

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How Lighting Affects Mood

How Lighting Affects Mood

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Top Interior Design Styles of 2020

Top Interior Design Styles of 2020

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6 Tips to Design Home Office to Promote Productivity

6 Tips to Design Home Office to Promote Productivity

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